About company
Financial independence is available now
We offer a universal automated trading system on classic and cryptocurrency exchanges.
Using the colossal practical experience of our highly professional traders, we have developed a unique trading system that has no analogues.

Thanks to automated trading systems and artificial intelligence, under the close supervision of our specialists, we guarantee the complete safety your funds and a stable, daily income.

The Eliro company is the developer of its automated trading systems that perform thousands of operations on the financial market.

Each trading system is regularly audited by VMT, thereby confirming its compliance with the high standards set by the Commission for its member brokers.
History creation
1st Quarter 2018
Development of automated trading systems
3rd Quarter 2018
Testing trading systems
4th Quarter 2018
Creation of a general test algorithm for 27 trading systems
1st Quarter 2019
Start of development investment platform
3rd Quarter 2019
Testing the investment platform
1st Quarter 2020
Audit and certification company
3rd Quarter 2020
Official launch of the investment platform
1st Quarter 2021
Developing own mobile application and issuing debit plastic cards
2nd Quarter 2021
Development of your own token and release of the application to the AppStore and PlayMarket sites
4th Quarter 2021
Token release on ICO
2nd Quarter 2022
Official listing of the coin
3rd Quarter 2022
Active development of your own coin
1st Quarter 2023
Issuing your own cryptocurrency card
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